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Brick Buy: Marvel Super Heroes Micro Fighters, Shark Suit Guy, and More

Package #1: Seller: Kroger  |  Set: Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micro Spider-man vs. Green Goblin [76064-1]

Package #2: Seller: A Boy’s Mission  |  Minifigs: Kylo Ren [SW717]; Maz Kanata [SW703]; Shark Suit Guy [COL240]; Mummy/Dr. Najib [SCD010]; Pirate Chess King [PI171]  |  Parts: Black, Minifig, Weapon Gun, Blaster Short [58247]; Black, x2 String, Cord Thin 5cm [x77ac50]; Black, Tile, Modified 3x4 with 4 Studs in Center [88646]; Metallic Silver, Minifig, Weapon Lightsaber Hilt Straight [64567]; Pearl Dark Gray, Minifig, Weapon Lightsaber Hilt Straight [64567]; Trans-Light Blue, Bar 4L, Lightsaber Blade/Wand [30374]; Trans-Red, Bar 4L / 2L Crossed Light

Brick Buy: The Force Awakens C-3PO, Harry Potter Polybag, and More

This Brick Buy comes from 2 separate sellers on BrickLink.  Both of these sellers were great with which to work, particularly Brick*Picks.  The details regarding each order and seller are listed below: Package #1:  |  Seller: Double-A Bricks  |  Parts: x2 - Technic, Axel 2 [3704], x3 - White Brick, Round 1x1 with Fins [4588], x8 - White Wheel 8mm D.x6mm with Black Tire Offset Tread Small [4624/3641 or 4624c02]  |  Package #2|  Seller: Brick*Picks  |  Sets: Harry Potter / Trolley / Polybag [30110-1], Star Wars / The Force Awakens / C-3PO / Polybag