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Review: The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack [5004930] from 2017

Review: The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack [5004930] from 2017

Set Theme: The LEGO Batman Movie  |  Set Name: Accessory Pack  |  Set Number: 5004930-1  |  Pieces: 41  |  Number of Minifigures: 1  |  Set Year: 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack is a promotional polybag released in promotion of the upcoming Warner Brothers Animation film The LEGO Batman Movie - due in theaters on February 10th.  Information regarding exactly how you acquire this set has been somewhat elusive or, at the very least, been reserved for those LEGO fans "in the know" or the ones that regularly monitor LEGO's monthly promotions calendar.  Luckily, I do [big surprise there].  

LEGO announced the in-store Accessory Pack promotion via their January store calendar  

Not a lot of information outside of LEGO's monthly calendar has been put out there regarding this promotional polybag.  Even other reviews of this set provide murky details at best regarding the process involved in nabbing a copy of this Accessory Pack.  Heck, even when I went into my local LEGO Store and asked the employee that greeted me how to obtain the polybag she simply said, "Um, you just look around the store for Batman."  I subsequently walked my daughter around the store pointing out promotional cardboard cutouts for the LEGO Batman Movie, pointing out various Batmans I found on documents by the register.  I had no idea for what we were supposed to be looking.  Luckily, we eventually caught on.  So, if any of you are finding yourself just as confused as I initially was regarding how to obtain this promotion, I would be happy to clarify.  Here's the process:

  • Visit your local LEGO Store
  • Pay attention solely to the display sets placed throughout the store which are meant to show off the latest sets available for purchase
  • Scattered throughout these display sets are Batman minifigures wearing various Batsuits 
  • Find all 6 [I believe it's a total of 6] Batmans scattered throughout the display sets [don't worry - the LEGO employee will not ask you to prove that you've found each one and where so you can stop sweating]
  • Once you [or your child] have found all 6, tell the nice LEGO employee that you have found them all.  They will the hand you one The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack polybag
  • Go home and enjoy the set while trying to convince yourself that you did all of this "for your kids."  If you don't have kids, play with your new toy proudly! 

The Find-All-Batman/Accessory Pack promotion is a lengthy one.  It started on January 2nd and will go until February 26th, so you still have plenty of time to run over to your local LEGO Store, follow the simple instructions above, and nab yourself one of these polybags.  


Now that we've discussed how to acquire this set [that's the most time I've spent in a review discussing simply how to get the set covered in the review...], it's time to finally move onto the set itself.  First, let's discuss all that's included within the Accessory Pack bag because there is more than just a small LEGO build and minifigure to enjoy.  The bag includes 1] a LEGO Batman Movie Batman minifigure 2] a bat signal build 3] a LEGO Batman Movie sticker sheet and 4] a LEGO Batman Movie double-sided poster.  We'll start by taking a look at the sticker sheet and poster.


The sticker sheet includes a total of 11 Batman-themed stickers which highlight what will most likely be the main four characters in the The LEGO Batman movie story line, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and The Joker.  What is really great about this sticker sheet for MOC builders is the inclusion of five traditional Batman logos in various sizes.  There is nothing LEGO Batman Movie about these logos, so you could easily apply them to a non-LEGO Batman Movie MOC.  There is also a very useful "laughing Joker" sticker which might be great for a Joker's lair MOC or something of that nature.  Of course, if you're grabbing this set for your kids, stickers are stickers.  They're always fun, and they usually randomly placed on clothing, skin, paper, or the coffee table within the first five minutes of receiving them.  It's just good fun [as long as you own a bottle of Goo Gone]. 


The included double-sided poster features the "goodies" on one side and the "baddies" on the other.  This makes the poster a great addition for both fans of Gotham's heroes as well as fans of the seedier characters found within Gotham's city limits.  The goodies side prominently features Batman looming large in the middle of the poster - almost in an 'Uncle Sam needs you' pose - while Robin and Batgirl can be seen just over Batman's right shoulder.  As is appropriate, while Batgirl and Robin are displaying very upbeat and happy dispositions, Batman is super serious and seemingly ready for action.  Batman, Batgirl, and Robin all seem to be standing in the Bat Cave with bat-shaped monitor in the background which is composed of a ridiculous number of computer screens.

The "baddies" side of the poster prominently features The Joker with The Penguin, The Riddler, and Mr. Freeze found in the background.  They all look wonderfully, comically evil with The Joker spraying two cans smylex, The Penguin ready to attack with his umbrella, The Riddler at the ready with his question mark staff, and Mr. Freeze standing in the ice-firing position.  All of Gotham's favorite anti-socials are hanging outside in Gotham City with the bat signal soaring high in the sky above them.  It won't be long before the bat arrives.  





The build included in the polybag is a minifigure-scale fully-rotating bat signal.  It's a small but very effective build.  The entire bat signal structure is placed on top of a turntable piece in order to allow full 360-degree rotation of the signal.  The "light" structure or the portion of the build which would theoretically house the lighting technology of the signal is also attached on the sides via two technical axle/pin pieces which allows the light to rotate slightly more than 180 degrees vertically.  That's a lot of mobility for such a small build.  The icing on the cake - the 2x2 round tile which contains the Batman symbol is a printed piece.  Overall, this bat signal build will certainly add a ton of play value to any LEGO Batman adventure and the model looks great just on display.  This is an above average polybag build, which is incredible considering that this a free promotional polybag with no purchase necessary in order to acquire it.  


The Batman minifigure included in the Accessory Pack is a common minifigure for The LEGO Batman Movie theme.  In addition to the Accessory Pack, this version of LEGO Batman can be found in four other LEGO Batman Movie sets across the theme, including Batman in the Phantom Zone [30522], Mr. Freeze Attack [70901], Clayface Splat Attack [70904], and Scarecrow Special Delivery [70910].  This does not diminish, however, the inclusion of this minifigure.  It's the perfect choice to include in an introductory set for adults and children who may not yet have a LEGO Batman in their collection.  The double-sided face of the minifigure displays the two most essential emotional states of LEGO Batman - angry and smug.

After all, when you acquire a particular character in LEGO minifigure form for the first time it's always nice to get a happy expression and an angry expression.  These two simple expressions can help children [and adults] act out various types of scenarios and adventures with just their one minifigure.  The character just beat the bad guy and is about to win the day?  Happy face.  The character just got surrounded by the enemy and is not sure how to escape?  Angry face.  It's perfect.  The minifigure also comes equipped with one batarang.

The minifigure has minimal printing on the back.  The printing just includes a few lines to define Batman's undeniable muscular back power - as Batman would probably describe it.


I am continuously impressed with the promotions which LEGO offers.  They're promotions tend to be very desirable while being very generous at the same time which is a very rare thing for such respected and successful brands like LEGO [just use Apple as a comparison - they run maybe two promotions a year - neither of which are that attractive].  The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack promotion really blows me away, though.  This is a pack which includes a full build [a build with a high display value, nonetheless], a highly-desirable minifigure [the main hero of the theme!], as well as stickers and a poster which are really just bonus materials [this would have been a fantastic promotion without their inclusion], and the whole thing is free!  You just need to pay for the gas money to get to your local LEGO Store.  I think this is a fantastic promotion to push people into their store while making customers aware of the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie all at the same time.  The minds at LEGO truly understand how to market while providing generous incentives to their customers.  It's no wonder LEGO was recently crowned the world's most powerful brand.  If you don't have this polybag and you're wondering if it's worth the trip down to the LEGO Store, I can assure you that it is absolutely worth it.  This polybag is a home run and a great addition to your child's or your own LEGO collection.


Playability: A+  |  Display-ability: A+


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