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Review: Marvel Super Heroes Captain America's Motorcycle [30447]

Review: Marvel Super Heroes Captain America's Motorcycle [30447]

Set Theme: Marvel Super Heroes  |  Set Subtheme: Captain America: Civil War  |  Set Name: Captain America's Motorcycle  |  Set Number: 30447-1  |  Pieces: 25  |  Number of Minifigures: 1  |  Set Year: 2016

Captain America's Motorcycle is a polybag set which was made available either by purchase or through various promotions which have recently been run by both LEGO and Toys "R" Us.  As a result, I've actually acquired a couple of these sets [of course, I kept one sealed - hello, kids' college fund! - wife rolls eyes].  


Captain America circa 1980

The set includes a full motorcycle with side car build, a round-style printed Captain America shield, and a civil-war themed Capitan America minifigure.  The set is meant to represent and support the latest Marvel Super Heroes film, Capitan America: Civil War.  Despite that, this set actually rings retro with me and reminds me more of the Capitan America I knew growing up in the 1980s than the current, grittier version of the hero.  This may have a lot to do with printed shield which is the same circular, brightly colored shield the captain yielded back in the eighties.  As a result, I really enjoy this small, sleek set.  Speaking of sleek, the display value of this set is, in my opinion, higher than most polybag sets.  The motorcycle just looks cool from just about every angle.  With the red motorcycle wheel spokes, the trans-dark blue cylinder at the end of the flick-fire missile, and the vibrant shield on the front of the sidecar, this bike pops with color and style.  That's probably why the Captain America minifigure looks so freakin confident on top of that hog.


The motorcycle is a standard LEGO motorcycle and, just like all other LEGO motorcycles, the bike is sturdy and highly vroom-able.  You also have the ability to remove the side car build completely from the bike and use the motorcycle as a single, fast-moving vehicle.  Focusing on the sidecar, the sidecar build does include one flick-fire missile.  The build which holds the flick-fire missile is, however, capable of easily swiveling in a circular motion, which can make it difficult to flick the missile without the whole missile system swiveling left or right.  Nevertheless, it is nice that they were able to incorporate such an action feature into such a tiny set.  There also isn't really any space for a minifigure to actually pose or sit on the sidecar to man the missile while Captain America drives.  If you consider it less of a sidecar and more of a missile deploying system attached to the bike, then it makes perfect sense to only have room for a missile and the captain's trusty shield. 


This version of Captain America is not exclusive to this set.  He has made an appearance in a few other Super Heroes Sets.  The minifigure has some great detailed printing on both the front and back of the torso.  It's hard to see some of the details in the photos, as result of the black print on top of the dark blue.  The head on Captain America has some great printing and extends all the way to the back of the head.  The minifigure is certainly top heavy in regards to printing and detail.  The legs are solid dark blue, and none of the printing extends below the torso.  Still, this minifigure works and it looks great.  I especially appreciate the printing on the head which does a great job creating the impression that the minifigure is truly wearing a mask.  When combined with his brightly printed shield, this version of Captain America looks great on any display.


This is a polybag which is definitely worth hunting down and purchasing.  You get a great, sleek motorcycle build along with a highly desirable minifigure.  It contains enough play value to be enjoyable by kids and enough collectability and display value to be desirable to collectors or just adult fans of LEGO in general.  


Playability: A  |  Display-ability: A-


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