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Review: Motor Speedway [6381] from 1987

Review: Motor Speedway [6381] from 1987

Set Theme: Town  |  Set Subtheme: Racing  |  Set Name: Motor Speedway  |  Set Number: 6381-1  |  Piece Count: 205  |  Number of Minifigs: 5  |  Set Year: 1987

LEGO’s Motor Speedway from 1987 is full of fun details to help the set represent the excitement and realism of two race cars in action, speeding toward the finish line in a rush to win the race.  The set includes flags seemingly in mid-flutter, a camera operator capturing the race with his swiveling television camera, a mechanic waiting on the side of the track, equipped with wrenches and spare tires ready to service the powerful cars at any moment, an announcer in his announcer’s booth updating the crowd on the nail-biting finish.  


Once assembled, the set almost looks like a snapshot in time.  As if the set was meant to represent a single, frozen moment - that hair-splitting event when two race cars are rapidly approaching the finish line.  Thank you, LEGO, because these elements make this set a highly displayable model. 


On the other hand, the playability of the set is compromised by the overall fragility of the individual components of the set.  For instance,  light nudge to the finish-line arch will cause it to collapse, the roof of the service station is easily detached, and you have to be careful when placing the announcer in his announcer’s booth, otherwise the whole booth may tumble.  Nothing is preventing the race cars included in this set from being highly playable.  They are they typical, sturdy, vroomable LEGO cars for which LEGO is known.  There is nothing wrong with these great late-80s vehicles.


Another great aspect of this set: the minifigs.  You get a total of 5 minifigs included with this set, and each one is wonderfully unique.  This set alone provides a great, varied selection of Town minifigs to either use with this specific set or place throughout your LEGO town.


This is a fantastic set to display in your LEGO Town or on your shelf to share with friends, but the overall fragility of the set does slightly decrease the play-value.  Still, I’m sure kids would love just taking the race cars for a spin and leaving the race track far behind.  This set also includes a wonderful array of LEGO Town minifigs for your collection. 


Playability: B-  |  Displayability: A


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