Shhh...  It looks like The Lego Brick Guy is sleeping.  No worries - I'll tell you all about him and his blog.

The Lego Brick Guy is the Lego blog of the self-acclaimed Lego collector and appreciator Chad Steahly.  If you would like to know more about Chad, you can check out his website [with two kids and a full-time job I seriously don't know how he finds the time for all these websites]. a lifelong fan of Lego with an unrelenting [some say "interesting"] love for minifigures, Chad's Lego photography and reviews are best described [by Chad] as truly brilliant.  Although he's a big deal [according to his daughters], he wants every one to treat him just like a regular guy or, The Lego Brick Guy [sorry, he makes me say that].

Armed with only his trusty Lego collection and a bright orange brick separator, Chad has earned his place among the Lego community's least best known Lego bloggers.

Shhh...I think he's waking up.  I better go...  I hope you enjoy the blog!  I better get back in the minifigure drawer or he'll know I'm gone.  He keeps a tight inventory!


An anonymous minifig from The Lego Brick Guy's collection