Review: Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle [10252]

Set Theme: Creator  |  Set Sub-theme: Expert  |  Set Name: Volkswagen Beetle  |  Set Number: 10252-1  |  Pieces: 1167  |  Set Year: 2016

LEGO has now given us two Beetle models in less than ten years.  Unfortunately, LEGO's previous attempt to provide us with a VW Beelte set was, in my opinion, far from groovy [why two colors of blue!].  Luckily, thanks to this 2016 updated and revamped version of the LEGO Beetle, LEGO Beetles have another shot at matching the groovy, iconic, beach-boy-song-inducing visual that is the classic 1960s Volkswagen Beetle.  So, the question is - are LEGO Beetles finally groovy too?

Review: Scooby-Doo! Haunted Lighthouse [75903]

Set Theme: Scooby-Doo!  |  Set Name: Haunted Lighthouse  |  Set Number: 75903-1  |  Pieces: 437  |  Number of Minifigures: 4  |  Set Year: 2015

The brick-built rock skull, uneven, multi-colored shoreline terrain, and brightly colored lighthouse tower complete with the occasional exposed brick, make the Haunted Lighthouse, in my opinion, the most displayable model of all the Scooby-Doo! sets.

Autumn Café is Now a Project on LEGO Ideas

After a lot of careful designing, redesigning, creating piece-inventory spreadsheets, scouring BrickLink stores for parts, building, more redesigning, and more building, my Autumn Café model is finally complete!  If you've been enjoying my Autumn Café updates on Twitter and Instagram and have been wanting to provide some constructive criticism or support for the design, I have good news.  Autumn Café is now a project you can support on LEGO Ideas.

New Custom LEGO Design: "Autumn Café"

I have just finished the design of my latest custom LEGO build which I'm calling "Autumn Café."  The design is inspired by various real cafés I've seen in the past and borrows elements from each of them to create one cohesive design.  I decided on Autumn as the season for the design because Fall is simply the best time of the year to cozy up in your local café with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Beatles For Sale: The Beatles Are Coming to LEGO

Can't buy me love?  Well, it turns out you will be able to buy me and many other Beatles fans love very soon. As a huge fan of The Beatles and, obviously, a huge fan of LEGO, I am absolutely ecstatic about today's announcement regarding the latest LEGO Ideas review results.  LEGO officially announced that two out of the nine submissions to reach 10,000 supporters during the period of September of 2015 through January of 2016 are scheduled to become official LEGO products later this year and early 2017.  The first set announced was The Beatles Yellow Submarine by kevinszeto.  Once I found out that this Idea had reached 10,000 supporters and was up for review, I could barely keep the Beatles/LEGO fanboy in me under control.

All Sorted: The LEGO Podcast for Which Your Ears Have Been Searching

Don't get me wrong. I love LEGO.  As a fan of LEGO I want to be building LEGO models at all times. This highlights one of the major flaws inherent with all LEGO products. You can't interact with them while driving.  Luckily, Jeff and James from are there to right LEGO's wrongs with their car-friendly all-things-LEGO and wonderful podcast All Sorted. After all, when you can't build with LEGO at least you can listen to LEGO.  Ah, the grüschteling.  (What is grüschteling?  Listen to All Sorted, Episode 15 to find out!)

My Custom [and, Yes, Very Crowded] Park Combining Both LEGO City Fun in the Park [60134] and LEGO Creator Fountain [40221]

LEGO has recently released two sets which are just begging to coexist as one entity: LEGO City Fun in the Park - City People Pack [60134] and Creator Fountain [40221].  The later set is currently a promotional give away in the U.S. for qualifying purchases made at either an official LEGO Store or LEGO's online shop.  This custom park consists mostly of these two sets with an added 32x32 green base plate and some additional flower pieces, trees, and lime studs.  LEGO designers and official LEGO sets are doing all the heavy lifting in this custom build, but it just goes to show how these two sets, a base plate, and a few extra pieces can make for a great park landscape.

Review: Fun in the Park - City People Pack [60134]

Set Theme: City  |  Set Name: Fun in the Park - City People Pack  |  Set Number: 60134-1  |  Pieces: 157  |  Number of Minifigures: 15  |  Set Year: 2016

I'm going to get right to it.  LEGO City Fun in the Park - City People Pack [60134] is an incredible, timeless, ageless, and instantly classic LEGO set.  I mean, come on, it includes the very first LEGO baby, for crying out loud!  Done!  I could stop writing now.  This set is great.  Who doesn't want a LEGO baby?  [If you answered "not me," then you're a dark, cold human being and should be studied by science].  

Review: Marvel Super Heroes Captain America's Motorcycle [30447]

Set Theme: Marvel Super Heroes  |  Set Subtheme: Captain America: Civil War  |  Set Name: Captain America's Motorcycle  |  Set Number: 30447-1  |  Pieces: 25  |  Number of Minifigures: 1  |  Set Year: 2016

Captain America's Motorcycle is a polybag set which was made available either by purchase or through various promotions which have recently been run by both LEGO and Toys "R" Us.  As a result, I've actually acquired a couple of these sets [of course, I kept one sealed - hello, kids' college fund! - wife rolls eyes].