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Beatles For Sale: The Beatles Are Coming to LEGO

Can't buy me love?  Well, it turns out you will be able to buy me and many other Beatles fans love very soon. As a huge fan of The Beatles and, obviously, a huge fan of LEGO, I am absolutely ecstatic about today's announcement regarding the latest LEGO Ideas review results.  LEGO officially announced that two out of the nine submissions to reach 10,000 supporters during the period of September of 2015 through January of 2016 are scheduled to become official LEGO products later this year and early 2017.  The first set announced was The Beatles Yellow Submarine by kevinszeto.  Once I found out that this Idea had reached 10,000 supporters and was up for review, I could barely keep the Beatles/LEGO fanboy in me under control.

All Sorted: The LEGO Podcast for Which Your Ears Have Been Searching

Don't get me wrong. I love LEGO.  As a fan of LEGO I want to be building LEGO models at all times. This highlights one of the major flaws inherent with all LEGO products. You can't interact with them while driving.  Luckily, Jeff and James from are there to right LEGO's wrongs with their car-friendly all-things-LEGO and wonderful podcast All Sorted. After all, when you can't build with LEGO at least you can listen to LEGO.  Ah, the grüschteling.  (What is grüschteling?  Listen to All Sorted, Episode 15 to find out!)

The 35 Largest LEGO Sets of All Time [List via Brickset]

I was recently admiring some images of the Ultimate Collector's Series Millennium Falcon [10179], released back in 2007.  The set is well known among collectors to be, at this point, one of the most expensive, rare, and, thus, unattainable LEGO sets in existence.  Even the initial retail price of this set the highest in LEGO history with a price tag of $499.99 US dollars.  Clocking in at a total of 5,197 pieces, this set is also one of the largest sets in LEGO history.  This got me thinking.  Exactly, what is the largest LEGO set in history?  Is it the UCS Millennium Falcon?  As it turns out, the answer is no.  There is a set which beats the UCS Millennium Falcon by 725 pieces!

A LEGO Television Commercial [Perhaps, the First?] from 1955

I recently went on a search to find the very first LEGO television commercial.  My search led me to this LEGO System television commercial from 1955.  I have yet to find a source confirming whether or not this is officially the very first LEGO commercial ever broadcast, but it's the oldest I've found so far.  If any one is able to confirm this to be LEGO's very first television spot, please leave a comment and let me know!

LEGO Prints by Vivid Editions

I found these prints on Pinterest while browsing for design inspiration for a music project on which I'm working, and I instantly fell in love with these designs by Vivid Editions.   Each print features a different style of minifigure ranging from the LEGO City theme to The LEGO Movie theme.  These prints are whimsical enough to fit right in on the wall of any children's room, yet they are also elegant enough to add a little classy whimsy to any home office decor.  I especially love the Benny print.  SPACESHIP!  Prints vary in price depending upon size, and they currently range from $10.00 to $35.00.  Not a bad price for these great designs.

Bricks Before LEGO - A Visual History of the Interlocking Brick

Earlier this year, JangBricks, a well known reviewer and MOC builder in the LEGO community, posted this fantastic visual evolutionary outline of the history of the interlocking block.  It is fascinating to see the many pioneering designs which influenced and helped develop the LEGO blocks and plates we have today.  It's also fascinating that JangBricks was able to get his hands on some these ancient bricks.

LEGO Releases Moulding Colour Palette for 2016

LEGO has released the official moulding color palette for 2016 which displays all of the unique colors in productions for this year.  It's a great reference guide to help you become "that guy" who says "Um, excuse me, that's actually medium and not dark azure...[eye roll]."  All jokes aside, this is actually a great reference tool to help us LEGO fans get a comprehensive view of the colors currently available for the 2016 calendar year.  

Master Your Force Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Poster

I stumbled across this Lego Star Wars Master Your Force poster while browsing the Star Wars product area on  I really love this graphic.  If only I can could build the Millennium Falcon set using just the force.  Put it on the bucket list.  LEGO provides the poster graphic as a free download directly from the Activities tab of the LEGO Star Wars product area.  A ton of other great, free downloads can be found there as well.

Lego Ideas: Beatles Yellow Submarine

I can’t express how badly I want LEGO to approve this Beatles Yellow Submarine Lego Ideas project.  Imagine if we lived in a world where Beatles minifigs existed.  That would be a glorious world, indeed.  

The project has reached 10,000 supporters and is currently in the review process with Lego’s review board.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this set becomes an official LEGO set purchasable in stores.  Oh, please, LEGO, make this a real set!

Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales - Great for Kids but REALLY Great for Adult Fans of Star Wars

I recently purchased Disney XD’s LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales on iTunes, with the intention of providing my three-year old daughter with a new, fun show to watch on the weekends while we’re eating our breakfast and getting ready for the day.  She’s both a fan of LEGO and Star Wars, so I thought this show would be a perfect fit for her current pop-culture obsessions.  As it turns out - although my daughter certainly loves the show - it’s actually better fit for someone else in my family: me.